What kind of materials is being used?

Aluminum frames are used for windows, doors & balcony. Fiberglass net and Stainless steel 304 grade are used

What are the differences between polyester and cotton mosquito nets?

Polyester screens has a good tensile strength compared to cotton net and cotton nets only used for indoor bed net types but polyester nets can be mounted external usage.


What is the delivery time?

Three working days usually from day of order confirmation, for bulk projects may vary based on quantity of the system

Can I track my order?

Our sales managers will update the details, if you need any clarifications you can reach our customer care

Has my order been shipped?

Contact our area sales manager or our customer care


What is the right mosquito net for me?

Its based on the site specification we customize the products as per the measurements take form the customers end

Exchanges & Returns

Can I exchange my mosquito net?

No exchange policies

How can I return my mosquito net?

No return policies

I have returned my mosquito net. What happens next?

No return policies, if there is any issues in products customer can contact our customer care


What are the differences between our Collections?

Frame coatings & standard weight, unique accessories


What is the best way to clean the mosquito nets?

Wipe out with soft brushes, soft cloth or sponges to clean either wet or dry only with plain water

How to get wrinkles out of my mosquito net?

Mostly the wrinkles occur in our pleated mosquito nets that are mostly self wrinkle out when slide

Can we use detergents or other cleaning agents to clean the mosquito net what should I do?

No the cleaning agents or detergents will make chemical reactions that may harm the nets only regular water is suggested

How to clean a pleated mosquito net?

Wipe out with soft brushes, soft cloth or sponges to clean

How to clean a mosquito net with a vacuum cleaner?

Gentle vaccum brushes attached the vacuums hose at low pressure

Orders & Payment

What is the current status of my order?

Customers can contact our sales managers or customer care for the status

Can I still change my order?

Once the order is confirmed and raised for production it can not be changed

Which payment options do you accept?

Cash, online payments

How long does it take to obtain a refund?

Contact our customer care


Where can I buy Vishakindia mosquito nets?

Contact our customer care

Where are the Vishakindia mosquito nets produced?

In our factory at Chennai

How can I contact you?

Contact our customer care 89391 11113/89391 11114

How long does it take to obtain a refund?

Contact our customer care

Other Questions

Do you have colored mosquito nets?

We have color options in Pleated mosquito net

Do you make “Custom Made” mosquito nets?

Yes we make Custom Made based on the measurements

Which mosquito net is best for windows?

All our mosquito nets are well qualified, it will be suggested based on site visit for free demo

How to install mosquito nets on sliding windows?

There are various options contact our customer care

How to put mosquito nets on sliding windows?

There are options like pleated mosquito net, slim sliding mosquito net, open window mosquito net suggested based on site visits