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Welcome to Vishak India, your one-stop solution for all your mosquito net needs. As prominent mosquito net dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products that guarantee protection and peace of mind.

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    Our Services

    As leading mosquito net dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers, we offer a comprehensive range of services

    Mosquito Net Sales

    Explore our extensive collection of mosquito nets available for purchase. From traditional options to innovative designs, we have something for everyone

    Custom Manufacturing

    Need a specific type or size of mosquito net? Our expert craftsmen can create custom solutions tailored to your exact specifications

    Bulk Orders

    Planning a large-scale project or event? We offer competitive pricing on bulk orders, making it easy to protect entire communities or establishments

    Your Trusted Partner in Mosquito Protection

    Vishak India established in Chennai as a manufacturer in the mosquito screen industry, pioneering the systems of the mosquito net fitments available in the industry with expertise, developed and re-modified the traditional systems and developed new innovative insect screen fitments and started spreading our wings long and wide.

    Focusing the business on raw materials of mosquito net, our products are well-structured with high quality standards. We focus on delivering an extensive selection of top-grade materials at reasonable prices. Mosquito net suppliers, dealers and business enthusiasts can stock up the materials to bring out the top-notch mosquito screen fitments to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve trust and succeed in their business goals.

    The agenda of achieving the one-stop shop for mosquito net raw materials came into reality after the hard work of Vishak's team. However, new dealers or existing channel partners, whether the order is small, big or extensive, we always stick to our commitment of delivering the products as per pre-schedules with always ready stocks and partnering with the qualified logistics providers. Transportation happens all over India.

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    Don’t let mosquitoes disrupt your peace. Experience the Vishak India difference today. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, request a quote, or place an order. Together, let’s create a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone.

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      Bulk Ordering: A Gateway to Efficiency and Economy

      At Vishak India, we understand the critical importance of bulk procurement for businesses aiming to scale operations and maximize profitability. Our bulk ordering system for mosquito net raw materials is designed to streamline your supply chain, offering substantial savings and ensuring you have the necessary inventory to meet the demands of your clientele.


      Seamless Bulk Procurement Experience

      We take pride in our seamless bulk ordering process, which allows for effortless acquisition of high-quality mosquito net raw materials. Our clients benefit from our bulk purchase advantages, which include competitive pricing, consistent quality, and reliable delivery schedules. By choosing Vishak India for bulk orders, you’re not just purchasing materials; you’re investing in a partnership that values your business growth and success.


      Tailored Solutions for Bulk Needs

      Whether you’re looking to place a one-time large order or establish a long-term bulk purchasing agreement, Vishak India is equipped to cater to your specific needs. Our flexible approach ensures that we can accommodate varying order sizes and frequencies, all while maintaining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


      B2B Focus Across India:

      Wide Reach: We cater to mosquito net suppliers, dealers, and business enthusiasts across India. Our extensive selection of high-quality materials is available at reasonable prices, empowering businesses to create top-notch mosquito screen fitments.

      Reliable Delivery: Whether you’re a new dealer or an existing channel partner, we adhere to pre-scheduled delivery commitments. Our ready stocks and partnerships with qualified logistics providers ensure timely transportation nationwide.


      B2C Excellence in Chennai:

      In Chennai, our focus is not just on homes but extends to schools, hospitals, and various public and private spaces. We offer tailor-made mosquito nets that are designed to fit the unique requirements of each setting, ensuring comfort and protection for everyone. Our local presence in Chennai means we can serve you swiftly and efficiently, with a personal touch.

      Custom Solutions: Beyond homes, our tailor-made mosquito nets extend to schools, hospitals, and various public and private spaces in Chennai. Each net is designed to meet unique requirements, providing comfort and protection.

      Local Presence: Our Chennai-based team serves you swiftly and efficiently, adding a personal touch to safeguard your space against mosquitoes.

      No matter the scale of your order or the nature of your establishment, Vishak India stands ready to meet your needs with precision and dedication. Reach out to us today!